Barrister Md. Abdul Halim
the first Life Member of CSB

At the Annual General Meeting held on 2nd May, 2013 at the British Council the 8 member new Executive Committee was formed. After the declaration of new EC Committee, invitation was made whether anyone was willing to be life member as per new provision of the Constitution. The newly elected General Secretary Barrister Abdul Halim became the first life member of CSB by paying fee of Tk. 15000.00. CSB invites its members to be become life member. Becoming life member will benefit both the CSB and the member concerned in two ways: first, the concerned life member will not have to give any more any annual membership fee; he will have voting rights and other privileges in all CSB’s prgrammes and activities; second, CSB will get some instant fund to make it more organised, institutionalised and public-oriented. Application for life member may be asked for from the General Secretary (

At the Executive Committee Meeting held on 30 July, 2013 at the Hotel Westin, Vice-President Advocate Mrs. Nahid Mahtab became the second Life Member of CSB by paying fee of Tk. 15000.00. This amount has been deposited to the CSB fund. CSB thanks her for being Life Member, and CSB invites and encourages its members to become life member. Application for life member may be obtained from the General Secretary (